Have you heard of an Apology Day?


Apology Day is on every 24th at Yacksan Elementary School in Incheon. This event aims for helping the kids to build a good relationship and conciliate with each other through exchanging handwritten letters, which also contribute to school violence prevention and personality education. For this event, the teachers sent a school newsletter to the students’ family a week before the event.

Two hundred students voluntarily handed in apology letters to ‘Wee class’ and the counselors in there delivered their letters to relevant friends. These conciliatory letters helped to create friendly atmosphere among each other  in school, and they invited 400 students to the reception on an Apology Day.

Byeongryong Jung who is the  principal in the school said that I was so proud of my students to grow up  through making and accepting an apology to promote their friendship.

It has been expected that this event contributes to create a healthy school culture and keep  a pleasant school life.

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/10ywh55 (Gyeongsuk Mun)

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04 2013

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