An officiator at my student’s wedding


I took some rest after finishing my class in the 7th hour. My phone rang with an unfamiliar number, and I was afraid of disturbing other teachers around me, so I answered it.

“Teacher, it’s me from 0th graduate class, 000.”

It was only after I had conversed with him a good while that I remembered who he was. It transpired that he wanted to ask me to become an officiator at his brother’s wedding. His brother was also my student and he plans on getting tied up this
“Both my brother and I longed to take you in-charge of this position. Please do it for us.
When I heard my student’s request, I was in a flutter because I never thought that I would officiate at my student’s wedding in my over fifty years of age, which is slightly young to do. However, it was not easy to reject from his earnest request. There was some time left until his wedding, so I suggested that he may find other proper one but if he cannot, then I would think about it.

After parting with my student, all kinds of thoughts went through my mind like a flash. Above all, I was wondering whether I was a good teacher enough to bring some impressive speech there. I saw many officiants’ messages but I never ever thought that I could by myself. However, my student’s visit made me look back at my past life as a teacher, and I made myself a promise that I would become a great teacher so that I can willingly take my student’s request to be the officiator at their wedding.

* For the original article in Korean: (by Hwan-hui Kim)

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04 2013

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