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April 03, 2013, the meeting of nine citizen journalists who wrote “I Am a Citizen Reporter”, which was published by OhmyBook was held in Sangam-dong OhmyNews Conference Hall in Seoul. The CEO of OhmyNews presided over this meeting and shed light about better writing to 100 individuals who aspire to be writers. ”I Am a Citizen Reporter” was contributed by 12 OhmyNews citizen reporters, who were freelance writers, but have other professions such as housewives, farmers, teachers, public officials, researchers, pastors, professors and businessmen.

The book depicts their own stories of remarkable activities as a citizen reporter as well as writing fairly extensive subjects from mundane life to professional views. They agree that excellent writing should start from different views of significant matters and anger against unreasonable incidents. OhmyNews is an online newspaper website with the motto, “Every citizen is a reporter,” which is also based on citizen journalism. About thirty percent of the articles on this website are written by full-time reporters, while most of the articles are posted by ordinary citizens (freelance contributors).

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