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A taxi driver is just as important as a doctor

Why does Denmark rank first in happiness ratio all over the world? There are various factors from Danish society that support this status, and among them I could find a clue to the answer from taxi drivers who I met while staying in Copenhagen for a week. I met about 15 taxi drivers and they looked so tranquil and peaceful. Most of them said they were happy and only one person had a slightly different view, saying that he was not completely happy since he was from another country so he was a little bit homesick. In conclusion, there were hardly any taxi drivers who complained about Danish society itself.

Taxi driver Milbo

The most memorable taxi driver who I interviewed in Denmark was named Lasse Milbo (46); once he was an electrician and a worker for a moving company. He has driven a taxi for 22 years. He speaks English so fluently that many asked him why he did not have a more professional job in which he could use his English.

“Driving a taxi definitely isn’t well paid, but I meet everybody from all over the world, this is an interesting job. I am truly enjoying this job now,” Milbo said.

He works nearly 8 hours a day, earning $3310 per a month. This amount of money is less than that of trained workers, but more than those unskilled labors.

- Have you ever longed to be a doctor or a lawyer like your friends who got bachelor’s degrees?

“No, because one of the main reasons is that in Denmark we found out that both workers and employers are equally important. Of course, without any workers, the employer wouldn’t be there. And without the employer, the workers wouldn’t be there..”

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/10xqcmp (by Yeon-ho Oh and Min-ji Kim)

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