[Serial reports] A taxi driver is just as important as a doctor (2)

Mr. Milbu (46)v

Mr. Milbo (46)


Milbo has 3 children and his philosophy also influenced their future.

“I don’t have ambitions for them. Of course I wish a good education. I am happy that they have a good education and live well, But most of all, I wish them a good life. And if pressure in them into being a lawyer or a doctor, maybe they will make money. But money is not important issue. My eldest son wants to be a cook and my eldest daughter now has her own store. She started her job when she was 16. My daughter works at a hospital. But she’s a little bit high ranking because they are pointed in the direction. But as I say, we don’t tell them what to become, because that is not my choice. It’s their choice” he said.

This writer could recall what an elementary school principal mentioned during an interview for a previous article. Danish schools help students to find their aptitude and decide what they can enjoy. Also, they point out that they should never compare themselves to others and be proud of their own job.

I met Mr. Milbo coincidently on the way to have an interview with a related professor for the subject ‘happiness’, but I felt as though I already got the answers I needed. When I had almost arrived at my destination, I asked a final question: what is happiness?

“In my world, what is happiness is basically roof over my head, good friends, a good family, food full in my tummy and I don’t have any complaints. For me and I think for many people, happiness does not own, happiness is life.” he said.

He didn’t forget to give me his home address, email and phone number and invited me to his home when I came back to Demark again.

“The professor who you are meeting soon will probably give you a better theoretical idea about why we are happy here. Because he had much time to sit down and collect relevant information about this issue. I just go by heart because that is what I feel, that is what I see.” he said.

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/10xqcmp (by Yeon-ho Oh and Min-ji Kim)

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