[Serial reports] Founding a co-operative in 45 minutes in Denmark (3)

Head director of Middelgund Wind Power cooperative, Eric Christiansen

Head director of Middelgund Wind Power cooperative, Eric Christiansen


“All the authorities in Denmark can be trusted. No corruption. So it was a wonderful combination between the citizen’s initiative and the central parliamentary control by legislation. We influenced each other, and I think it is very important that citizens feel that they can influence politicians.” he said.

With these words, there are no complaints from the Danish against paying high taxes. Eric also pays 56% of his earnings. He added that he is paying it gladly because his education did not cost a single cent, and his children were also educated by a social welfare society.

This writer asked about the difference between the American and Danish dream and he answered without any hesitation, that the American dream is you can fulfill your own desires and you can do it if you work hard. but that’s not how Danish people work. The Danish say, “Of course I am interested in having a good life, but I am interested in living in a society where we take care of each other.”

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/18tL5Br  (by Yeon-ho Oh and Min-ji Kim)

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