OhmyNews Citizen Participatory Journalism Introduced to The International Communication Association Conference

International Communication Association conference

International Communication Association conference


A research paper regarding OhmyNews citizen participatory journalism with the motto ‘all citizens are reporters’ was introduced to the International Communication Association (ICA) Conference. In its abstract, OhmyNews was evaluated as one of the most successful and influential media companies in Korea, where similar examples of citizen participatory presses have failed.

An investigative team consisting of professor Deborah S. Chung and Seungahn Nah from University of Kentucky  visited OhmyNews in 2011 in order to examine its citizen participatory journalism program and conduct in-depth interviews with both citizen and professional journalists. Their paper was selected as one of the final papers related to investigative journalism at the annual ICA conference held in London on the 20th of June. Professor Jung presented the results of their study on behalf of their team.

In the paper titled ‘Collaborative, complementary and negotiated journalistic professionalism: A case study of OhmyNews in a participatory media climate’, they focused on citizen and professional journalists’perceptions of citizen journalistic activities using three relevant categories; cognitive dimensions, normative dimensions, and evaluative dimensions.

The research team conducted in-depth interviews with 16 citizen journalists, including professors, high school teachers, graduate students, college students, high school graduates, interior designers, managers of large companies, and retirees, and 9 professional journalists, including editorial staff members, publishing and education directors, political team leaders, and social media editors.

They are expected to present another paper titled, ‘Communicative Action and Citizen Journalism: A Case Study of OhmyNews in South Korea’ at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, held in Washington D.C from 8-11 August.

* To read entire article in Korean : http://omn.kr/1c0k (by Hyun-jin Hong)

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