A Good Example For Multi-Cultural Families

He-jung Yun(left) and Gyo-ho Hwang  (right)

He-jung Yun (left) and Gyo-ho Hwang (right)


“It is important for her to attempt whatever she wants to do, regardless of success.” Gyuo-ho Hwang said.

It is not a story about a parent who supports their child, but husband supporting his wife. Gyo-ho Hwang from Korea married He-jung Yun from Vietnam in 2006. They currently live in Korea.

The number of multi-cultural families has been on the rise in Korea for years. Most of the multi-cultural marriages are made between brides from Southeast Asia or China, and bachelors in rural farming communities. This phenomenon is largely due to the unwillingness of Korean women to marry rural farming bachelors. However, these rural farming communities find it difficult to fully embrace multiculturalism. It has been pointed out the conflicts between immigrant brides and their new family members are often due to a lack of mutual understanding of cultural differences.

That is why Hwang and Yun’s story has inspired many multi-cultural families. Mrs. Yun had never imagined that she could continue her studies in Korea, even after having two children. She had to drop out of high school in Vietnam, coming from a poverty-stricken family there.

“She really loves studying.” Hwang said.

Hwang noticed her longing for learning and has taken care of her. Her dream is to become a policewoman and she studies police administration at the University of Chung-yang. Someday, when she becomes a policewoman, she hopes to help her international friends who are suffering from domestic violence.

It transpired that Hwang could not finish school either, due to family reasons.

“There is a traditional Korean saying that it is not good for a woman to learn more than a man; however, I would really like to support my wife in her study, since I did not have that opportunity,” he said.

“It is important for her to attempt whatever she wants to do, regardless of success.” Gyuo-ho Hwang said.

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