[Serial reports] A story of a restaurant server Klaus (3)


[Special lecture about happiness by Klaus④] Being happy with transparent relationship and trust each other

Klaus cooperates not only with staff members but also together with his boss because they trust each other, and it comes from a transparent relationship.

“Our salary should be evaluated as 15% of daily total sales and we share them equally. So we have to help each other to increase our sales.”

He does not have any complaints about juniors and seniors having the same salary.

‘What is a senior’s benefit? I can have an interview with you during the work time without anyone’s permission, which is my benefit. (Laughter)”


[Special lecture about happiness by Klaus ⑤] No greed, enjoy today

Klaus confidently states that he is in the middle class. He not only has his own apartment downtown but also an individual summer house nearby Copenhagen.

“I enjoy my spare time there on the weekend or on vacation, it is good for me to cultivate various vegetables and fruit trees there.”

“Am I happy? Sure, I am really happy because I enjoy today and have no worries now.”


[Special lecture about happiness by Klaus ⑥] Do you want to be happy? Then create a better society

“In my father’s generation, there was some discrimination among careers, as well as the gap between the rich and the poor. However before we knew it, they disappeared and Denmark has become an equal society,” Klaus said.

Since the 1930s, the Danish government constructed stepping stones for a better society and after the 1960s, Danish political communities, labor and management buckled down to settle the welfare system together. On the basis of this, our present equal culture has been permeated into Danish society. Since the Danish government guarantees the people’s basic human rights such as education, medical treatment and employment stability, an equal culture has been settled.

There’s no free lunch. Denmark has achieved ‘the great social agreement’. The rich willingly pay over half of their belongings as a tax and normal workers like Klaus also pay 36% of their salary as a tax. Moreover, owners support the worker’s employee participation and workers make an effort to communicate with them by talking instead of strike actions; they even allow workers to be fired according to their business’s financial problems.

I could find the secret of a happy society through Klaus’ eyes. If you want to be happy, then you should contribute to your country a society that has the spirit of community.

* To read entire article in Korean :  http://omn.kr/2xer (by Yeon-ho Oh)

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