[Photo Essay] Who lives in the deserted house?

There is a deserted house on the way from Wol-jung sa to Joomunjin. This house was being destroyed when I passed by there. I was a little bit reluctant to go into the house because some construction workers might not allow me to get in there, but I did it to take a photo of the inside of the house. I could see a frame of the house without any furniture.

An owner must be impoverished looking through their old-fashioned TV, newspapers instead of wallpapers, and a dog’s bowl.

“Did you live in this house?” I asked some middle-aged woman who seemed to know about a story of this house.

“No, some old couple lived here but they all passed away.”

Originally, this house belonged to the middle-aged woman, but an old couple lived here without notice when she lived in another place. She kindly allowed them lived in her house. She did not remember when it was anyway when they passed away, and this house would be torn down in few days. 

A disappearing house that someone might have history, but this house will vanish in a trace. It is truly sad story.

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08 2013

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