Do You Have Someone Who Sincerely Misses You?

We do not worry about poverty any more like in the past. However, many people are insecure. It is weird that the world is not becoming better as we learn more and become wealthier.

I think we can cure our mental sickness with a good education. Learning should be a tool for cultivating ourselves morally not carnally. The leader should be a teacher. If students love what a teacher teaches, they would never be sick mentally because they truly learn real value about an education.

I took some training for a teacher during a vacation, and there I met some junior teachers. I tried to pass on my knowledge to them as much as I can. However, sometimes I am disappointed that some are taking training and teaching students only for their promotion, which definitely cannot influence positively to their students. 

Six more years left until I can be with my students as a teacher. This makes me actively participate in the coming training. This is one of my happinesses in my life these days.

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08 2013

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