[Serial report] How to make a life plan?

(Yeonho Oh, founder and CEO of OhmyNews has been writing serial reports to find answers to this question: Why is Denmark one of the happiest country? This is 10th article written in Korean. Related video file is made for English viewers also.)


Does  what make Denmark the happiest country in the world? Maybe one secret is here; the Danish people can prepare life plan with enough time and find what he(or she) really likes to do.

So-called ‘After School’ shows one good example. Most of the Danish students go to After School when they are in 10th grade for one year. They leave home and live with other students in school dormitory.

Idræts Efterskole is a specialized After school for teaching sports with 135students. Mr. Jan Barslev, the principal, said this school not only teaches how to play soccer or handball but mainly teaches how to be social, how to be human.

“ We prepare them for life skills. So that they can discover what they like and that they can make their own decisions. The students have to ask themselves, ‘What is important for me?’ After school has to be a place where they get that kind of feeling that they get more mature.”

- Then is there any class that just focuses on ‘how to make a life plan’?

“We do that for all kids. We start to do that for week projects. September, November, January, March.  We have four weeks life planning. We try to focus on what do they want to be when they’re 35 years old. Do you want to be a teacher or a professional football player? If you want to be a professional football player, what do you need to do? You have to make decisions, live healthy, stay fit, all that kind of things.”


* To read entire article in Korean : http://omn.kr/4i6t (by Yeon-ho Oh)

* To see relevant video: http://youtu.be/JDSFHJS9e-0

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