NEGOTIATING JOURNALISTIC PROFESSIONALISM : A case study of OhmyNews in a participatory media climate

A research paper regarding OhmyNews was published in Journalism Practice, a new scholarly, international and multidisciplinary journal, published three times a year by Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Dr. Deborah S. Chung and Seungahn Nah from University of Kentucky wrote this article titled ‘NEGOTIATING JOURNALISTIC PROFESSIONALISM: A case study of OhmyNews in a participatory media climate.’ In its abstract, they said;

“South Korea’s OhmyNews reports unique consequences of citizen reporting and participation. While many citizen news operations have come and gone, OhmyNews has been remarkably successful and has become one of the most powerful news sites in its country. This case study explores the concept of journalistic professionalism among OhmyNews citizen journalists and assesses whether perceptions of their journalistic work align with Singer’s dimensions of professionalism (i.e., cognitive, normative and evaluative dimensions). We then compare these perceptions to those of professional journalists within the organization and integrate them into journalistic role conceptions. Findings show that both groups work through collaboration, checks and balances, and a negotiation of autonomy. Both benefit from the partnership and share similarities, rather than differences, in their effort to remain sustainable in contemporary media culture.”

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10 2013

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