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One of the great things of Korea is that she has four distinctive seasons. Each season comes in different colors and songs. Among them, however, autumn is certainly my favorite.

Today (Oct. 21) is one of those lovely autumn days, blessed with gentle sunshine, blue sky, and mildly cool breeze. On a day like this, most people wish for a date with someone special. So I headed out for a date.

Seogyo-dong ‘Ma-dang-jip’ is a second-story house with a big front yard covered in green. This building is a home to Oh My Book and 100,000 Members’ Club. Yeonho Oh, the founder and head journalist of Oh My News, is having a week-long dating session here from today (Oct. 21) till Friday (Oct. 25) from 9am to 9pm. Dating session is open to the members of 100,000 Members’ Club. Any member can book a date with Oh in advance, and each date is scheduled for an hour. So far, about 45 members have booked dates, but there are still a few time slots available.

Oh said he decided to do this to show his appreciation for the members. Members can use this opportunity for whatever the purpose they see fit – article editing, career coaching, business consulting, or even a friendly chat about life in general.

Since I wanted to make a quick video, instead of having a date with Oh alone, I got a special permission to tag along Oh’s date with a couple, Saen Park and Gyusang Lee. They are entrepreneurs who wanted to discuss their work and life with Oh. The date started at the outdoor table on the front yard. Tasty drinks were offered with some biscuits. Free of charge, of course. Then, they moved to a little park nearby. Oh wanted to show around the neighborhood and change the scene to keep the conversation more dynamic and lively.

One hour passed quite fast. Saen and Gyusang seemed very pleased. After the date, Saen said she had a very meaningful time and wished for another date. Gyusang was also amply satisfied.

I may be wrong, but as far as I know, most presidents of newspaper companies are not accessible to their subscribers. Yeonho Oh’s constant efforts to stay connected to his readers, I think, make Oh My News so unique and relevant. Dating with Yeonho Oh is certainly a rare treat that shouldn’t be missed. I captured some nice moments today to share with Oh My News International readers. Don’t you want to have a date with Oh?

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