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Where Do Happy Danes Come From?


Mr. Oh and three highschool students (From left)


OhmyNews representative journalist and CEO of OhmyNews visited Denmark to make serial reports about happy Danes.

The serial articles were inspired about where their happiness came from. It is known that Denmark ranks the highest in the level of happiness all over the world. His visit aimed to research about the happy Danes as well as the Denmark society. In terms of these subjects, he not only visited relevant places such as public institutions, the press and enterprises, but also interviewed Danish citizens and experts to bring in-depth stories.

There were six key words related to happy Danes. They were freedom, stability, equality, trust, neighborhood and environment.

* For the original article in Korean: (by Yeon-ho Oh and Min-ji Kim)


05 2013

An officiator at my student’s wedding


I took some rest after finishing my class in the 7th hour. My phone rang with an unfamiliar number, and I was afraid of disturbing other teachers around me, so I answered it.

“Teacher, it’s me from 0th graduate class, 000.”

It was only after I had conversed with him a good while that I remembered who he was. It transpired that he wanted to ask me to become an officiator at his brother’s wedding. His brother was also my student and he plans on getting tied up this
“Both my brother and I longed to take you in-charge of this position. Please do it for us.
When I heard my student’s request, I was in a flutter because I never thought that I would officiate at my student’s wedding in my over fifty years of age, which is slightly young to do. However, it was not easy to reject from his earnest request. There was some time left until his wedding, so I suggested that he may find other proper one but if he cannot, then I would think about it.

After parting with my student, all kinds of thoughts went through my mind like a flash. Above all, I was wondering whether I was a good teacher enough to bring some impressive speech there. I saw many officiants’ messages but I never ever thought that I could by myself. However, my student’s visit made me look back at my past life as a teacher, and I made myself a promise that I would become a great teacher so that I can willingly take my student’s request to be the officiator at their wedding.

* For the original article in Korean: (by Hwan-hui Kim)


04 2013

Have you heard of an Apology Day?


Apology Day is on every 24th at Yacksan Elementary School in Incheon. This event aims for helping the kids to build a good relationship and conciliate with each other through exchanging handwritten letters, which also contribute to school violence prevention and personality education. For this event, the teachers sent a school newsletter to the students’ family a week before the event.

Two hundred students voluntarily handed in apology letters to ‘Wee class’ and the counselors in there delivered their letters to relevant friends. These conciliatory letters helped to create friendly atmosphere among each other  in school, and they invited 400 students to the reception on an Apology Day.

Byeongryong Jung who is the  principal in the school said that I was so proud of my students to grow up  through making and accepting an apology to promote their friendship.

It has been expected that this event contributes to create a healthy school culture and keep  a pleasant school life.

* For the original article in Korean: (Gyeongsuk Mun)


04 2013

The relationship between the exchange rate and tension between the Korean Peninsulas


With my international friends


Wow, the exchange rate has dramatically increased.”

I was surprisingly sad when I withdrew money from a bank. Apparently, it must have been affected by recent unstable relationship with the North Korea.

“By the way, is it possible to break out a war in South Korea?”

A friend of mine has asked me, who is also a Korean exchange student in Spain. No one among Koreans in Spain expects war to spark between South and North Korea, however most international media flashed front-page headlines about North’s provocative actions against the South; therefore, many local friends asked me how a potential war would affect me. I am lost of words about this unique situation that more foreign friends than local Koreans are worrying about the tension on the Korean Peninsula. Normally, Koreans construe it just as a political problem.

I could not help laughing after looking at my friend’s Facebook who just talked about Korean tension and the exchange rate. He wrote what our catastrophe is here, the tension on the Korean peninsula or exchange rate? What is my wish? I just hope that peace will come soon and not worry any more about our daily life abroad related to exchange rate and friends overseas do not worry for Korea because of this problem.

* For the original article in Korean:


04 2013

A boy’s diary

The author: The 16-year-old boy who lives in a remote mountain village.

It has been long since I have seen winter. We have a severe winter time at my home located on 500m altitude around the mountain. My mom seriously caught a cold for a few days by the end of autumn, it was just after the time that my mom helped a neighbour reaped pears. At first, she laid up with fatigue but finally her condition steadily worsens. “I should take some rest in the afternoon,” my mom said.

After she served my lunch, she came into her room and since then the lights in her room were out. She still slept even when I finished having dinner. I found my mom who moaned with her ailment. So, I made honey tea and gave her a massage until she fell asleep again. The following day, she was still in bed without having any foods saying that it is the best way to endure her pain by emptying the stomach as animals do so. In downtown, I bought some fresh fruits she loves and came back home. “I will have them later. I want to have some boiled rice served in Kimchi soup,” she said. Having some foods that sick people crave to eat is the best treatment. Right, my mom really likes that food. It must be good for her to have some hot boiled rice served in Kimchi soup to feel better. To make the soup, first I boiled water with anchovy and seaweed for 10mins and took them out, cut some Kimchi, put them into the pot and boiled it for 5mins. The next step, I put one scoop of rice and mixed them up and put some soy sauce slightly for seasoning. Done! Yummy soup! I am 16 years old; I cannot believe that I cooked for my mum. I grew up enough to cook the food that my mum would like to eat, which means that my mum also is getting old. When I entered her room with the boiled rice served in Kimchi soup, she sprang up in bed and had it at once. Deliciously she ate it; unconsciously, I also had some with her. Surprisingly, her energy was restored and even asked me to wash the dishes. “Yes, mum I will gladly wash them.”

* For the original article in Korean: (by Okhada Ryu)



03 2013

An interview with a Singaporean

Tan Poh San(陳寶珊 陈宝珊) from Singapore visited Korea in March 9th. She planned to stay at Heyri in Paju-si. She looks calm and timid at first impressions; however, she always travel alone even at forty years of age.

Here follows are the questions and answers.

- How was yesterday in Korea?

“It was a little bit chilly but fine.”

- It takes time that spring comes in Korea. Even though you feel that spring is just around the corner, but suddenly there’s a wave of the last cold snap. After having several bitter cold, the real spring comes. Do you have any jackets?

“I see, it doesn’t matter. Yesterday, I went to Provence and Premium Outlet in Paju-si.”

- Do you have any problem to communicate in Korea?

“I speak Korean a little bit, but not fluently.”

- How did you learn Korean?

“I love one of Korean singers, Si-gyeong Seong. I listen to his radio show and also study Korean with some books.”

- Do you come to Korea for business?

“Just for traveling.”

- Have you been to other countries before?

“I went backpacking to Europe with my friends, but it did not fascinate me in Europe. I also visited Japan for Seong’s concert and only stayed around the hotel. One thing interesting was when I met a Japanese friend and we had a conversation in Korean.

- Oh, what an interesting story that a Japanese and a Singaporean talk to each other in Korean in Japan. It looks that you think the world of Korea?”


- Do have any special reasons that you love Korea?

“I just love it as it is. I feel very comfortable just like being at home as I landed at the Incheon Airport.”

On the day she goes back to Singapore she said, “I do not want to leave.”

She looked hesitant to leave for her country.

- Anyway, I will miss you, if you have any questions about Korea, please feel free to email anytime, also if you want to write some essays in Korean, I can help you review it. I am a native speaker.

“Thank you very much, I will do it. I don’t want to say but have to say goodbye.”

* For the original article in Korean:   (by An-su Lee )


03 2013

The Korean airmen’s parody of Les Miserables ‘Les Militaribles’

YouTube Preview Image


“What a coincidence that CNN reported about both cultures of ROK and a nuclear test of DPRK on the same day. This spoof from ROK is an excellent adaptation.” (dbwo***)

A Spoof of Les Miserables on YouTube, Les Militaribles, has garnered massive attention. The 13-minute video had been viewed over three million times, just within a week on YouTube. Almost 6000 international comments also demonstrate its popularity. The great popularity was triggered when the Hollywood movie star Russell Crowe reposted a tweet with a link to the video. The media also took notice and reported Les Militaribles’s popularity, including The New York Times, CNN, as well as Korean media.

The South Korean Air Force’s official blog team produced the video, and the singing airmen were music school students who contributed its video. The contents mainly depict about clearing the snow, especially the important job for its landing trip in the air force. Moreover, creators also seasoned it with the airmen’s lovesickness.

* For the original article in Korean: (by Seongae Yoo)


02 2013

A man with a pink ribbon

All men have a dream for unconstrained and free life. An-su Lee is one of those people and it seems that he was almost fulfilled his dream. At first glance, one might think that he is a geek because of his beard and the pink ribbon he ties to it. He has lived in art village and written stories about the events around the village in OhmyNews.

“I worked as a magazine journalist for 25 years, I always desired to lead a life of a wanderer. After all, I quit my job and went to America to study. After a short-time studying, I ran a guest house and hosted international guests in an art village for 7 years and I am yet free totally.” Lee said.

His article is basically talking about a daily life and nature around him, full of humanism, which also depicts his motto ‘otium cum dignitate’ (living free from worldly cares).

Lee said, “I usually used to write two or three essays almost every day on my personal blog, one day I read some OhmyNews’ articles that citizen reporters posted. There was a large number of moving stories edited on OhmyNews’ main page and I thought that my articles  could also be useful to the site. I believe that OhmyNews’ editorial way matches my style of writing with people’s daily lives. Since then I have written my articles for OhmyNews, and besides that I also suggested my wife and daughter to join as a citizen reporter for OhmyNews, because I think that writing is able to help us organize our thoughts and deeply explore about our life’s real value.”

* For the original article in Korean: (by Jihyeon Kim)


02 2013

How about five-color tteokguk on this Seollal?

Seollal is a major holiday in Korea, it is the first day of the first month by the lunar calendar and the days right before and after make up this 3-day holiday. It is a holiday in which normally entire family gathers on.

Tteokguk is a traditional food of Seollal, as well as traditional rice-cake soup. As Seollal gets close, there has been an increasing number of grandparents who have already started preparing Seollal foods.

“I came to the rice cake cooking mill to buy various rice cake for the up coming Seollal and I am so excited to meet my grandchildren so I don’t feel tired at all.” Seonyeo Bae (78) said, who visited the rice cake cooking mill in Jeolla-do.

The Seollal holiday is a traditional food holiday, so it is the busiest time of the year for the rice-cake cooking mill.

There has been a slight change to the rice cake ingredients depending on the customer’s needs. White rice cake for tteokguk is mostly used, which is made with just rice, but these days as people are considering their health and wellbeing, the ingredients have been changed from rice powder to more natural nutritious powders from wormwood, cactus, autumn squash, and rubus coreanus fruit. For rice cake, each ingredient is enriched with various nutrients that produce different colors, which makes them look more tempting.

* For the original article in Korean: (by Donsam Lee)


02 2013

Do you know Guro style?

Guro is an art college.

It seems like an ordinary art college for learning arts such as fine art, violin and voice. However it is sort of  an  alternative school in the Guro-gu administrative region of Seoul. This school was founded in 2010 as a nonprofit organisation and is operated through the Guro Cultural Foundation support. Its motto is “by Guro-gu residents, for Guro-gu residents.”

The college is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the development of Guro through cultural art. The lecture rooms are all around Guro, including a traditional market and a subway station. Lecturers are self-titled, and any Guro resident could be an instructor. They might be a market seller or a common grandmother who are willing to share the wisdom of life. There is only one major at school, which is community design. Nowadays, passionate young people have participated in divers’ activities to give a boost to the community as students of Guro college.

Guro college has aimed to establish a youth network system, which can plan and promote local festivals, such as a citizen festival and a town marketplace. Furthermore residents plan some programs which can integrate the students’ artwork. Twice a week, around 20 students gather and make a team of 3-4 people for a team project. People from various backgrounds participate, including normal university students, office workers and job seekers.

One of the project teams at Guro college is called ‘Guroker,’ and they have looked around for ‘hot’ work places and leisure places in Guro. They prefer to find humanist places where they can become intimate with neighbors and share their own culture, rather than commercial places such as pubs, movie theaters, coffee places and karaoke rooms. For instance, they visited an oil shop in the Guro market for the project. The owner kindly demonstrated the way to squeeze oil as well as explaining the history of the shop. They have posted occasional papers about relevant stories and interviews.

Project team ‘Grooker’ went around Guro markets to find out ‘hot’ places

“It is so exciting for people in their 50s and 60s and seems to change the atmosphere in traditional markets and shops because of the presence of youth,” Guro market union president Jong-hun Lee (50) says.

* The origins of the title ‘Guro is an art college’ are in the title ‘XX is a college’ ‘XX’ can be substituted with any other word. It can be the title of a local area or objects and its motto is creating a place to learn ‘XX’-oriented objects.

“The community is basically goal-oriented. Once they have a goal, the community should be improving, and I hope ‘XX is a college’ will organize loose networks which are easy to scatter and gather again for following different objects,” ‘XX is a college’ manager Kang Won-jae says.

‘XX is a college’ manager Kang Won-jae


* For the original article in Korean:


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