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OhmyOlle on weekend

There was a large number of citizens gathered in Gwanghwamun square


OhmyOlle has delivered most of the presidential circumstances on the spot without editing. Last weekend was no exception. OhmyNews political journeralists were all mobilized to report both the Mun and Park camps’ campaigns.

On the 8th, Saturday, in the middle of Gwanghwamun square, the ruling Saenuri candidate Park Geun-hye and the Democratic United Party’s Moon Jae-in had a grand scale campaign respectively in the afternoon and evening. OhmyOlle showed live the progress of the campaign as well as its citizen’s various reviews.

On the 9th, Mun and Ahn stumped together in Gyung-gi province. Previous presidential backup candidate Ahn Cheol-soo has propped Mun up in earnest since quitting the race Nov. 23, promising to support Moon Jae-in, the candidate of the opposition Democratic United Party. OhmyOlle went live about the whole process.


* For the  relevant video see here:


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12 2012

With OhmyTV, Citizens‘ debate opens after the three major candidates’ debate

Oh interviewed a viewer from Moscow through Skype

In the evening of the 4th, the Presidential special edition show ‘OhmyOlle’ of ‘Ohmy TV’ called overseas Koreans and domestic residents together to the first presidential candidates’ debate. The show covered the debate live in real time and before and after the show, and included the three main casters’ relevant commentary about the three major candidates’ debate, and also citizens’ reviews from all over the world were provided.

“The presidential candidates’ debate was fine but the appraisals after the debate in which the citizens participated were so great, I could consider many different people’s opinions” an OhmyNews audience member from the US said.

This debate was the first televised debate organized by the National Election Commission which the three major presidential candidates engaged in. (Geun-hye Park of the ruling Saenuri Party, Jae-in Moon of the main opposition Democratic United Party and Jung-hee Lee of the Unified Progressive Party.)

Before the debate, OhmyNews reporter on the scene Jeong-ho Park delivered the description of the site atmosphere nearby Yeouido MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) where the debate was held. During the debate, citizens contributed their own comments (about 10,000) via SNS to the OhmyTV screen.

After the show, there was a telephone interview with each camps’ spokespeople. The show was upgraded from a phone call interview to an online webcam interview through Skype, which is an internet telephone programme. There were constant calls to be interviewed from people in various countries such as the US, Germany, Russia, Japan etc. The election for overseas Koreans runs from 5th of Nov to the 10th of Nov. and the 19th of Nov in Korea.

* OhmyTV is an Internet broadcast produced by OhmyNews.

* * For the  relevant video see here:,

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12 2012

“The unified candidate debate” Overseas Koreans also enjoy OhmyTV live broadcasts

  Seo, Oh, Chang and Kim (from left)

“I  watched  the  debate  through  OhmyNews, Thank  you  for  providing  this  service. I  believe  overseas  Koreans  should  also  have  the right  to  watch  it,  and  I  am  sorry  for  KBS (Korean Broadcast System) not  providing  the  proper service to overseas residents,” Jun-Mo Ahn, an OhmyTV viewer who lives in Columbia, said through Twitter, .

Last night Democratic United Party candidate  Jae-in Moon and independent Cheol-soo Ahn had a debate for the united liberal candidate to run against the ruling party’s  Geun-hye Park. It was held at the Kim Koo Museum and Library in central Seoul starting at 11:15 p.m.

It was transmitted live by four local broadcasters. The main presenter was political commentator Kwan-yong  Chung  without any audience. The candidates covered significant issues in Korea such as politics, the economy, social welfare and foreign and national defense issues.

Before and after the debate, OhmyNews also provided a call-in show with its relevant appraisal as well as live coverage transmitted from KBS. There were four hosts, including the founder of OhmyNews, Yeon-ho Oh, professors Hae-seong Seo and Heon-tae Kim, and Yun-seon Chang, who is a leader of the OhmyNews political team. A considerable number of people not only in Korea but also overseas could watch it through their smartphones or the OhmyNews webpage via the Ustream website, which is a platform for live video streaming of events online.

“I watched it in India, and I did not feel any difficulty enjoying it with a little buffering,“ said Jae-sul Shim in Vietnam.

Even though it was rather late in the evening, ending at 3 a.m., there was a flood of calls and opinions through online social networks from all over the world, such as India, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, as well as the whole nation, Seoul, Gwangju, Mokpo and Busan. There was a telephone interview with Mun and Ahn camps’ spokespeople after the debate as well.

“It was a great time to share diverse opinions of it with those who are domestic and overseas. Moreover, it was a brilliant idea to bring profound commentary to the programme [sic],” Twitter ID nachojane said.

* For the  relevant video see here:

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11 2012

[OhmyOlle] OhmyNews internet live show ‘Presidential election Olle’

OhmyNews has started the Ohmytv live show ‘Presidential election Olle’ (acronym ‘OhmyOlle’) from November 8th, and so far it has been broadcast on the 8th, 9th, 12th and 13th of November. OhmyOlle aims to study candid public sentiments as well as deliver live electioneering sites. The audience can watch this program through their smartphones or the OhmyNews webpage via the Ustream website, which is a platform for live video streaming of events online.

OhmyOlle reporters interviewed one of sellers in the market to cover popular sentiment about the presidential election

‘Olle’ means an alley in the Jeju Island dialect. Jeju is one of the most beautiful islands in Korea and is also known for its ‘Olle’ walking paths. The main presenter is Yeon-ho Oh, the founder and a representative journalist of OhmyNews, and Hae-seong Seo, a writer and a professor. They host a live show walking through streets and specific sites like ‘Olle paths’ in Jeju.

This programme is basically an extension of the previously aired Ohmybus (For the relevant article: Ohmybus went on the air from a bus as a mobile broadcasting studio, adopting the idea of ‘beyond articles’ in OhmyNews. Yeon-ho Oh was the main MC, and he interviewed a considerable number of candidates for the general election as well as citizens from the whole nation.

Ohmybus social networking efforts through Facebook and Twitter also  contributed to improved communications between audiences and broadcasters during the on-air OhmyOlle project. On the first day, OhmyOlle visited three primary candidates’ election camps and interviewed core election officials to shed light on the progress of their campaigns. Furthermore, Oh visited Busan and Gwangju to cover candidates Ahn’s and Moon’s speeches. It has been pointed out that Oh and Seo‘s outstanding hosting have been considered compulsive viewing for OhmyOlle. From time to time OhmyNews reporters are going to join together to host OhmyOlle instead of them. Oh and Seo’s show is called the special edition of OhmyOlle. It will be continued until the day of the presidential election and the programming can be found at

OhmyOlle reporters visited one of three primary candidates’ election camps (front: Oh, rear: Seo)

* Who are the three primary candidates for presidential election in Korea? Independent Ahn Cheol-soo, the Democratic United Party’s Moon Jae-in and the ruling Saenuri candidate Park Geun-hye.

* For the latest image see here:

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11 2012

Can we cut back on the Hitler analogies?

A favorite tactic in political arguing is using the Hitler card. It’s become such a cliche that you can say the argument has become absurd as soon as someone brings up comparisons to Hitler.

NowPublic has just published an article called “Hitler or Bloomberg? Take the Fascism’s in Fashion Quiz.” It’s selected quotes, and it challenges the reader to guess who said each.

I myself was guilty of using Hitler and Nazi analogies against George W. Bush during the height of his power. I found lots of similarities with the Bush regime and fascist regimes. A practical joke I used to do was take Mussolini’s essay defining fascism and replacing “fascist” with “conservative.” I posted this in conservative discussion groups and watched how many posters agreed with it. I also took selections from “Mein Kampf” and replaced “Jews” with “liberals.” Had the same effect.

I’m in the middle of reading the classic definitive history The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer. It’s very detailed, and really, Hitler was not a man of deep political thought. He just hated Jews and loved nationalism and power, and all his politics revolved around those. Reading the history of the Nazis, really, you can cherry pick most any quality and attach it to most any organization. So even if I agree with the political views of the writer, they lose their credibility as soon as they start playing the Hitler game.

As Jon Stewart said, “Only Hitler could be Hitler.”

Hitler or Bloomberg? Take the Fascism’s in Fashion Quiz (NowPublic)

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03 2012

Italian blogger helps the Observer crack UK defence secretary abuse of office

The Italian blog NOMFP contributed a video as evidence in the investigation undertaken by the Observer last week over allegations that saw defence minister Liam Fox involved in abuse of office.

Italian mainstream daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera interviewed the curator of NOMFP, Filippo Sensi, who explained how the  Guardian got in touch with him over a video published on the blog allegedly depicting Adam Werritty accompanying the defence secretary during a 2009 visit to the president of Sri Lanka.

Sensi highlighted how the video was found just through an ordinary YouTube search and therefore was not obtained through any kind of “espionage tactic”: the video was already in the public domain and what the blog actually did was simply to “connect” the information to the investigation launched by the Guardian.

The blog was quoted in the Observer’s article on the Fox case on Sunday, October 9th and it bears evidence to the increasing importance and integration of grassroots media with mainstream media.


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10 2011

Tea Party Hypocrisy

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is one of those stalwarts of the Tea Party movement who claims he knows what the average blue collar American thinks. So how can he listen to actual blue collar people if they can’t buy tickets to his appearances?

The Huff-Po has video.

YouTube Preview Image

Ryan: I hope he’s taking his blood pressure medication.

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09 2011