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[Explicit chat show] 2012 Presidential election, causes of the Democratic United Party’s loss

On the 9th and 15th, OhmyTv launched a new programme ‘Explicit chat show’ which was basically an extension of the previously aired OhmyOlle. There were two main presenters on this show including an OhmyNews representative reporter Yeon-ho Oh and Yun-seon Chang, who is a leader of the OhmyNews political team.

They visited the members’ room of the Democratic United Party in the National Assembly to inquire about the causes of this election’s defeat.

“We lost the general elections, local elections and presidential elections each two times consecutively. It is exceedingly important to analyse the cause of defeat, but we have never done it so far.” Gyeongmin Shin said, who is a member of the Democratic United Party.

After Shin’s comment, Oh suggested that all 127 members of the Democratic United Party should make discussion papers about it.

Besides them, Oh and Chang interviewed several members of the Democratic United Party such as Yuninsun Nam, Minhui Choi, Sangho Woo, Yeonghwan Kim, Seongjun Jin, Kim Gisik and Jiwon Park.

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01 2013