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Mobile Phones are a Powerful Tool for Citizen Media

Information is a powerful commodity for human rights defenders. Receiving and sharing information is at the heart of human rights work. Modern technology, such as the mobile phone, and the global distribution of the internet, provides new opportunities for citizens to actively participate in journalism. The mobile phone is arguably the most accessible form of information communication technology and a popular tool for receiving and sharing information.

via New Tactics | Using Mobile Phones for Citizen Media.

From “What is citizen journalism?” to “How do you design citizen media?” plus a growing list of resources that you can use and add to are available starting July 27 from The New Tactics in Human Rights site and its
online dialogue.

Working in citizen media can mean that you are isolated from  people doing the same kind of work. Whether you are thinking of getting started as a citizen journalist or if you’ve been working with citizen media, you can make use of the site.

This site will let you connect with a group of “featured resource practitioners” from all over the world. Ask questions, read about what they’ve been doing. You can ask questions, and offer to be featured resource practitioner yourself.

As far as what is citizen journalism, I liked what Amy O’Donnell from FrontlineSMS contributed to the online dialogue,

“I am coming to understand citizen media to begin when individuals feel compelled to share or report information which might not otherwise enter the public domain and use the media as a tool so that communities are enabled to contribute and participate in discussions which affect them.”

There’s lots to this site, and I’m going to check it out and add my views, so see you online.


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