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Citizen Journalism Website Youreporter covering flash floods in Italian region of Liguria

The Northern Italian region of Liguria is currently being hit by flashfloods that are bringing the region’s main city of Genoa to its knees.

The citizen journalism website Youreporter is showing numerous videos of the different parts of the city as the tragic events are still unfolding. Facebook users are also uploading news and material on their pages thus contributing to spread information in the country through unofficial channels. While the authorities seem to have lost control of the unpredictable situation social media are inviting people to leave the city.

The mainstream media outlet Corriere della Sera is also remediating footage from Youreporter.

The emergency in Genoa continues.


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11 2011

Italian national daily launches citizen journalism section

The Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica launched a special section within their website dedicated to citizen journalism.

The initiative is part of a wider project, started in July 2011, aimed at investigating topics proposed by the newspaper’s audience: mafia issues, corruption in the political elites, the garbage scandal and healthcare disservices are only some of the themes covered by Repubblica so far.

The citizen journalism portal is a significant step toward the recongnition of the importance of this emergent field by the Italian mainstream media industry. A previous attempt was represented by the TV program Citizenreport aired on the state owned channel RAI 3 and was unfortunately discontinued after the first series.

The episodes can still be accessed via RAI tv but the program’s website, with all its highly interesting content, has been switched off.

Citizen journalists’ from Italy, or everyone who wishes to expose wrongdoings, share news and facts about the country, are invited to send their contributions to La Repubblica’s Visual Desk,


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10 2011