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South Korea and the need for speed

As an American living in South Korea, I’m learning the need, the need for speed.

The Koreans’ favorite phrase – bali, bali! – means “faster, faster!” and reflects its culture of high-speed growth. And it is not relegated to technology. The emphasis placed on efficiency can be seen at the dinner table, on the soccer field, and in classrooms.

It is the land of the future for those of us tangled in ethernet cords. Here are a few things I’ve noticed since my move to Korea:

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06 2010

Jay Rosen defines citizen journalism

Here’s a mental snack for the day. Check out Jay Rosen (read: 2.0 celebrity with thick black eyeglasses to match) and his definition of citizen journalism. It might seem obvious today, but was probably not so when it was published two years ago. He offers a substantive overview of the leading conversation on citizen journalism in its beginnings. The video is not to be missed.

One particular quote he pulled from another 2.0 celebrity Dan Gillmor:

As to who coined it first in its current, digital-age meaning, or at least came closest, I’m not sure there either. But I’d start with Oh Yeon Ho, founder of Korea’s OhmyNews, who said back in antiquity (2000) that “Every citizen is a reporter.” Mr. Oh is one of the real pioneers in this arena, as we would all agree.

Not that we are biased or anything.

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06 2010