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The death of Japanese citizen journalism

The NY Times today addresses the closure of a citizen journalism site in Japan with a nod to our own OhmyNews. The article offers keen observations about the role of the state, the citizen and the medium, as well as the history of all three, for news’ future.

JanJan News closed three months ago, citing recent years’ financial morass as the final blow to its weak advertising revenue.

Reporter Martin Fackler notes:

JanJan was the last of four online newspapers offering reader-generated articles that were started with great fanfare here, but they have all closed or had to scale back their operations in the past two years.

He specifically references the OhmyNews experiment that launched in Japan in 2006, only to close about 18 months later. He also draws a comparison between the Korean and Japanese media environments, highlighting differences in culture and government.
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06 2010

NY Times rules out the "tweet"

NY Times’ standard editor has knocked “tweet” off its list of acceptable social media jargon. It’s an interesting tension between old and new definitions of culture, not unlike the infamous French ban of “e-mail.” Is it a protection from linguistic hegemony or an example of linguistic hubris?

As someone who is fortunate enough to still spend my weekdays working in the world of daily newspapers, I can respect what Corbett is allegedly trying to do — prevent his publication from alienating readers by avoiding “colloquialisms, neologisms and jargon.”

At the same time I can’t help but wonder if his point is moot.

Social media seems to be everywhere these days. If someone hasn’t already heard the word “tweet” refer to a Twitter post, update (or whatever you might call it) at least a half dozen times, they soon will.

Via PCWorld

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06 2010